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A Mardi Gras Sisyphus Story

For many New Orleanians, Mardi Gras season is the time to take down the boxes stuffed with glittery fabric and feathers, hit the thrift stores, and start stirring the paper mache. What does costuming mean? A time to escape, a time to play, a time to hide and be seen all at once. And sometimes, your costume becomes something else: it tells you a story about your own life.

When Chris Lane decided to become Sisyphus for Mardi Gras in 2006, he had no idea that making his costume would be like pushing a boulder up a hill.  And it was only later when he realized that living in New Orleans is a little like being Sisyphus, everyday.

With the voices of Jackie Mang, Dave Foster, Greg Schatz, Reg Medelin, and Gianna Chachere. Music is by Schatzy.

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my tribute to zulu this past mardi gras

i was reading the mardi gras sisyphus story and thought i would share this years experience with everyone. in honour of the 100th anniversary of zulu, i turned my house, a single shotgun in the french quarter into a 100 year old zulu float,complete with old wagon wheels, skirt, chicken feet, and an eight-foot tall zulu king head his mouth open for folks to climb up in from under the head and have their pictures taken by friends with their head inside the open mouth. if you happened to be one of these people and have not sent me your pics yet, please send them to my email address:
it was such a wonderful thing to have had this all come to life and see the joy it brought to so many people. i basically could not or rather did not want to leave my house for 5 days before and until fat tuesday because of this tribute to zulu.
i have posted most of these pics to my facebook account if you want to check them out there.

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