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Yeah, You Right: Shamarr Allen

Shamarr Allen
Shamarr Allen

Welcome back for another edition of "Yeah, You Right!" where we play 20 Questions with some of our favorite musicians.

Shamarr Allen has become a household name in New Orleans, not just for his fiery trumpet playing, down-home vocals, or even his pigskin-centric version of "When the Saints Go Marching In". It's his refusal to be pigeonholed into a single style, bridging hip-hop, jazz, funk, rock, and even country! 

Whether he's playing a festival with his band, the Underdawgs, playing shows with Galactic, or touring with the great Willie Nelson, Shamarr is a class act committed to diversity of sound.

Look out for Shamarr's upcoming project with singer-songwriter Paul Sanchez this fall on Threadhead Records!

Q: Crystal or Louisiana Hot Sauce?
A: Crystal.

Q: Zapp's or Tater Tots?
A: Zapp's.

Q: Mint Julep or Hurricane?
A: I don't drink.

Q: Beach or pool?
A: [Grinning sheepishly] I can't swim.

Q: Concert hall or nightclub?
A: Concert hall.

Q: Congo Square Stage or Acura Stage?
A: Acura.

Q: iTunes or Louisiana Music Factory?
A: Louisiana Music Factory.

Q: Wynton Marsalis or Lil' Wayne?
A: Weezie baby!

Q: Aretha or Mahalia?
A: [Thoughtful pause] Aretha Jackson!

Q: Samuel L. Jackson or Will Smith?
A: Will Smith.

Q: Lost or the Food Network?
A: I stay away from TV.

Q: The Daily Show or CNN?

Q: Facebook or MySpace?
A: Facebook.

Q: TV or radio?
A: Radio.

Q: Books or magazines?
A: Depends. On airplanes, magazines. But at home, it's books.

Q: SUV or Prius?
A: Monte Carlo!

Q: 1970s or 80s?
A: 80s.

Q: NBA or NFL?

Q: The Godfather or the Godfather of Soul?
A: The Godfather of Soul.

Q: French Quarter or Uptown?
A: Uptown.

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