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Yeah, You Right: J. Monque'D

J. Monque'D
J. Monque'D

In our "Yeah, You Right!" interview series, we toss 20 rapid-fire questions at some of the New Orleans music scene's brightest stars. Some of their answers will surprise you, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

This week's guest, J. Monque'D, is one of those masters of the blues who has transcended great personal hardship and turned it into something beautiful to share with audiences around the world. He's performed with some of New Orleans' greatest, like Dr. John and Earl King, and he regularly plays all over town with his own group, the J. Monque'D Blues Band. 

We caught up with J. for a couple of pints over at Le Bon Temps Roulé and got to know a little more about the man behind the voice. 

Q: Crystal or Louisiana Hot Sauce?
A: Crystal.

Q: Zapp’s or Tater Tots?
A: Zapp's.

Q: Mint Julep or Hurricane?
A: Mint Julep.

Q: Beach or pool?
A: Beach.

Q: Concert hall or nightclub?
A: Nightclub.

Q: Congo Square Stage or Acura Stage?
A: Congo Square.

Q: iTunes or Louisiana Music Factory?
A: Louisiana Music Factory.

Q: Wynton Marsalis or Lil’ Wayne?
A: Wynton.

Q: Aretha or Mahalia?
A: Wow, thats hard to say... Mahalia.

Q: Samuel L. Jackson or Will Smith?
A: Samuel L. Jackson.

Q: Lost or the Food Network?
A: Food Network.

Q: The Daily Show or CNN?

Q: Facebook or MySpace?
A: MySpace.

Q: TV or radio?
A: Radio.

Q: Books or magazines?
A: Books.

Q: SUV or hybrid?
A: Hybrid.

Q: 1970s or 80s?
A: 80s... My band was workin' a lot back then.

Q: NBA or NFL?
A: NBA — Geaux Hornets!

Q: The Godfather or the Godfather of Soul?
A: It's my favorite movie, so... The Godfather.

Q: French Quarter or Uptown?
A: Uptown.

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