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WWOZ Mango Freeze Hits the French Market

French Market Produce "Bananager" Brad Collins says the WWOZ Mango Freeze is a hot seller!

The WWOZ Mango Freeze has been a long-time favorite at JazzFest and a select few places including Whole Foods. But we've got some great news: Now you can find your favorite frozen goodie right near the station, in the French Market at French Market Produce.

We swung by the Market in the heart of the French Quarter for a Mango Freeze and chatted with F.M. Produce "Bananager" Brad Collins. He says the Freezes have been a hot seller, and they actually had trouble keeping up with demand after they first put up our sign at the counter. But he's got it under control now, and he's ready for all you Wild ‘OZillians.

There's really no better way to beat the heat. But don't just take our word for it.

"I love the WWOZ Mango Freeze because it reminds me of the heladerias in Mexico where you can get exotic-tasting popsicles," said New Orleans jazz vocalist Ingrid Lucia in an interview with show host Tom Morgan.

Come on out and help support WWOZ the tasty way!



Most excellent! Now we don't have to wait until JF.
Thank you WWOZ!!! And thank you Brad Collins for offering it!

Mango Freeze

I love the mango freeze, here's a video of our own Jesse Boyd talking about the mango freeze and food at Jazz Fest:

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