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"Pay It Forward" and Other Post-Sandy Developments

Sandy Damage, Long Beach, NY
Damage wrought by Sandy on Long Beach, NY. Photo by FEMA.

The devastation and continued suffering left behind by Hurricane Sandy hits home for New Orleanians, and we understand that recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. As the rest of the country moves on to the latest story, we know that progress and healing don't happen with in the news cycles' short attention span theater.


What can you do to help?  Keep reading...

Pay It Forward Concert

Mia Borders will perform at the Pay It Forward Concert. Photo by Willow Haley.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced an all-star line-up of musicians that took to the stage for the NOLA Pay It Forward Concert, a benefit for Hurricane Sandy recovery and relief efforts. The event took place on November 20, 2012 at the Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts.

Performers on the bill included Irvin Mayfield, Ivan Neville, Amanda Shaw, Stephanie Jordan, James Andrews, Big Sam's Funky Nation, Mia Borders, Khris Royal, Sasha Masakowski, the Stooges Brass Band, and the Wild Magnolias with Big Chief Monk Boudreaux. Read more...

“We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for people affected by this storm. New Orleans has been there, we remember the generosity of others, and we want to pay it forward to those who are recovering.” - Mitch Landrieu

WFMU needs help

Pledge to the WFMU Marathon!

Because of Hurricane Sandy, a station near and dear to our hearts, WFMU in Jersey City, NJ, has suffered a financial disaster. Sandy will end up costing the station some $250,000, as detailed in this Star-Ledger article on and this one from

In the aftermath of Katrina, no public radio station did more to help WWOZ get back on the air than WFMU, including setting up a proxy server and running our stream.

From "WFMU's Silent Fundraiser has segued into Hurricane Recovery Mode as we uncover more and more damage at our studios and transmitter sites, combined with the enormous loss we've taking due to the cancellation of the Record Fair. Make a Hurricane Recovery pledge now and help WFMU recover from electrical, water and financial damage suffered during the Hurricane."

Listen to WFMU Station Manager Ken Freedman on the post-Sandy State of the Station

Post-Sandy Readings

Other, post-Sandy reading:

--For a timely read on public radio and natural disasters, read WWOZ General Manager David Freedman's "What to Do When the Thing Hits Your Station", in which he offers lessons drawn from WWOZ's experience in Katrina and Isaac.

--We received a moving letter from the National Jazz Foundation, about the plight of musicians in New York City and her organizations efforts to help. Read about it here.

--The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council offer an extensive list of links to recovery resources, including a section devoted to artists. 


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