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Happy 101st Birthday, Lionel Ferbos!

Happy 101st Birthday, Lionel!

Photo by Pat Jolly

Leave your birthday wishes for Lionel below in the comments! Also check out the video coverage by WWL-TV of Lionel on the morning of his 101st birthday.


Mr Ferbos Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday Darlin! Hoping all your wishes come true. You have been an inspiration to my son and all the other young music students here in NOLA. Thank you! Blow man blow!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Ferbos!

We loved you and the Palm Court Band at the Threadhead Patry this year and we hope you have a birthday full of joy with family and friends.. and of course music!

Happy Birthday Lionel

You're a true musical inspiration for us all! Keep playing! Keep gigging! I'll come and see you next time I'm in town.

Happy Birthday Mr. Ferbos!

Happy 101st birthday Mr. Ferbos! I bet that you ate your vegetables as a kid!

It was an honor to have you back at this year's Ladies in Red in June. Thank you so much for all you do and keep the music coming!

Happy Birthday Lionel Ferbos

Happy Birthday Lionel ! Many happy returns of the good day ! You are an inspiration !

Everybody knows that birthday

Everybody knows that birthday is always a very special day in our life and i am wishing you this birthday bring lots of happiness and pleasure in your life. Guys you should as well wish to Mr Lionel and if you want to get best birthday wishes so, visit here Latest Birthday Quotes Collection

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