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July, 2008: We're Redoing the Studios and Offices!

photo of the current WWOZ studio
photo of ladder next to drywall in-progress
photo of office in-progress
closeup photo of WWOZ banner
photo of studio shelves with CDs
photo of control board

You can't slow down growth, and 'OZ is growing by leaps and bounds. Our studio and office space is growing, too, so WWOZ has gone to work with hammers and saws instead of broadcast trucks and mics.

We have plans for many areas in our French Market home. We need to make room for more offices and more efficient studio space. We had a large room we initially used as our performance studio, but we realized that it was much larger than we needed, and we had pressing needs for more office space. Currently we have 4-5 people per small office and many staff without an office. So what was one large room has now become two smaller rooms, and everyone is happy.

What was our large performance area will get broken up into smaller rooms to make desperately needed staff offices. That is only the beginning, as work will be done on almost every other usable space on the second floor of the French Market building, now home to 'OZ.

We also have plans for a new studio and a new second studio and sound booth that will give us a dedicated area for production. It will also give our engineers a proper way to produce our live in-house events. We have much more planned, and we'll be keeping you up-to-date with pictures and reports on the progress of our new digs. Here are some pictures of WWOZ in transition.

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